“Life before Aurora was chaotic, but since she has stepped in as my PA, life seems to move flawlessly. Aurora takes over tasks that I need help with in a manner that makes it seem like we are one working brain instead of two. She knows what I need before I even do and it’s with service like that, that makes her a PA that I suggest to everyone out there.” - Jordan Bates, Author of Pas De Deux

“I am so thankful I found Aurora! I actually have time to write and Aurora takes care of the rest. She is so super talented and knows what I need before I even do. I highly recommend A Novel Idea Services [Aurora Hale PA Services]!” Sara Daniell, Author of The Stockbridge Series

“I brought Aurora on as my PA to help with my marketing and social media and she does an unbelievable job at keeping up and maintaining what had set up and more so she grows my social media way beyond what I could do. Further more she helps not only with things like marketing materials but fabulous ideas to try to gain new members in my groups as well as grow participation in my pages. I would not be able to keep up with anything without her. She is invaluable!!!!” – Desiree King, Author of Moondance

“She knows my needs before I have them, much like my main character Mason in Tailor Made. I love her and am excited to have her by my side.” – Tasha Lewis, Author of the Tailor Series

"Aurora has been amazing to work with! She’s so easy going and always gives her best to any project I throw at her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a PA." – Kelsie Rae, Author of the Signature Sweethearts Series

"I absolutely love working with Aurora. She stays on top of every task I throw at her and helps keep me on track with my projects. She's an amazing PA!" – Katrina Marie, Author of the Taking Chances Series

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