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Aurora is a true Midwest girl, born and raised all over Minnesota with her family and all of their rescue pets throughout the years. She currently resides in the heart of southern Minnesota with her family, their cat (Alexander) and her adorable Pomeranian Yorkshire (Foxxy).

She has been addicted to reading from a young age, but it’s been all about romance for her since the day her mom handed her a copy of Forever. . . by Judy Blume at the age of 12. She considers herself a true bib·li·o·phile queen and a lover of all things book related! 

Aurora has been reviewing books since 2013, and launched her own blog, Whoo Gives A Hoot, in 2016! For the last few years, Aurora has been helping authors’ dreams come true as a personal assistant. She offers her clients a variety of services that won’t break the bank for all her favorite indie authors out there!

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