personal assistant


- social media -

schedule posts

manage author pages

manage author's reader group

create and/or manage author's street team

create and/or manage author's review team

- takeovers -

organize and run takeovers

confirm giveaway entries

winner selection and notification

collect winner information

deliver electronic prizes (i.e., ebooks)

create takeover post graphics

- author forms -

create and/or manage google forms (for takeover winners, ARC sign ups, review teams sign ups, street team sign ups, etc.)

- google drive -

manage and organize author's google drive information

add ons (will add an additional cost each month):

- newsletters -

create and manage content for newsletter (you must have a newsletter already established or plan on setting one up yourself)

- websites -

create and manage website based on your specific needs (please note that websites are created using ONLY)

more services coming soon...