takeover graphics

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- $15 premade takeover graphics for sale -
Each set of premade takeover graphics will be sold ONLY once and includes free setup (generally within a week of payment, but usually sooner)! Additional takeover graphics may be purchased for a small fee.

1- party starter (welcome)
2- have you ever read me?
3 - giveaway - book money
4 - general giveaway
5 - newsletter or reader group
6 - follow me (goodbye)
7 - giveaway closed
8 - giveaway winner ​
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Don't see anything you like...not a problem! Email me at anovelideaservices@gmail.com for inquiries on custom takeover graphics (prices may vary depending on needs).



*Please note that these takeover graphics are created using canva pro and the template design can be easily transferred to the author (upon payment through a PayPal invoice), but only if they have an account (due to pro only elements being used). Otherwise the author may purchase additional graphics for a small fee!